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Maveat is not only your online supermarket with a wide selection of quality Made in Italy products, but a family composed only of women who, like good mothers, bring to the table the best food that beautiful Italy offers us.

You can order original Italian delicacies with peace of mind, and we will take care to preserve the freshness of your purchase. With proper and eco-friendly packaging, we deliver them directly to your home.

Discover a wide range of traditional Italian food products in different categories.


About us


Maveat US is an online platform specializing in Italian food products, particularly renowned for its exquisite Italian pasta. The website offers a wide range of authentic Italian culinary delights, emphasizing quality and taste.

Their product selection includes items such as Italian cured meats, cheeses made from sheep and buffalo milk, and various other Italian delicacies. Notably, Maveat US stands out for its Parmesan and Grana Padano cheeses, which are known for their exceptional quality and flavor.

Maveat US takes pride in ensuring the highest standards in the production and sourcing of these Italian products, emphasizing the significance of each production stage in determining the taste and quality of their offerings.

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine or looking for premium Italian ingredients, Maveat US is a go-to online destination. It provides an opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Italy in the comfort of your home, with a particular focus on cheeses and other Italian culinary delights

Over time, we have incorporated a wide range of customized solutions into our suite of services, passionately creating customized methods for each type of need.

MAVEAT operates in the agricultural palace of the city of Piacenza, which is also the logistical and strategic pole of northern Italy and all of southern Europe. Piacenza is located in the province of Emilia Romagna, one of the most famous and productive on the Italian peninsula.

Emilia Romagna, also known as the Food Valley, is a variety of food products that are a showcase of Italian food, representing Italy to the world: Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Mortadella di Bologna, Piadina Romagnola and many others are products synonymous with quality and excellence, symbols of the best Made in Italy.






In Italy, eating well is a cultural fact, an expression of cordiality, a desire to be together, a love of the good life. Emilia Romagna is the richest Italian region in terms of origin of PDO and PGI products and for this reason it is considered the beating heart of Italy.

In fact, the region boasts of producing cured meats such as Mortadella di Bologna, Prosciutto di Parma, Coppa Piacentina, which are second to none in terms of variety and quality. When it comes to cheeses just think of Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Squacquerone, Provolone and many more.



Our story

Not only import export of italian food products

We are the ideal interlocutor between local producers characterized by an artisanal production process and customers looking for a wide range of Made in Italy food products.

We have always been in the business of selecting and exporting food products around the world. With reports between manufacturers and distributors, we are growing by expanding our offerings and shopping options towards private customers who want fresh and expertly selected food products at home.

Caring for our customers has allowed us to establish important and lasting partnerships that are able to meet the demands of large-scale distribution, retail and foodservice supply. Our B2B clientele includes wholesalers who handle logistics for GDOs and retail.

The goal of the MAVEAT project is to reach the end consumer and allow them to taste Italian flavors right at home!


The world of agri-food exports is vast and fragmented, filled by small local businesses with well-defined market niches and large international players.

Our strength is to offer a unique and privileged channel that is able to offer a wide range of Made in Italy products from the producer to the consumer, avoiding the expensive margins that supermarkets inevitably impose.

MAVEAT’s desire is not only to export the products themselves, but also their history, traditions and culture, which are always closely linked to Italian cuisine. The phenomenon of the Italian sound, present abroad, is the motive for the more and more common imitations of our PDO and PGI products, and often the consumer (and in the worst cases the importer himself) is not able to distinguish the counterfeits from the original Italian products.

For MAVEAT, selling a product is all about telling its story 
not just closing the deal


Made in Italy is an expression that evokes the quality that characterizes fine Italian products around the world.

Representing Made in Italy, besides being an important honour, means for us the responsible task of selecting the best suppliers and proposing products with a guaranteed supply chain, appreciated and recognized not only for their unique flavours and aromas, but also for their international badges (PDO, PGI).

This also means correctly communicating their origin and guaranteeing production chains overseen by dedicated consortia that combat possible counterfeiting and fakes.


Through our extensive online catalog of Italian food products, we have the opportunity to propose niche products, often unknown brands, but of the highest quality and craftsmanship, often unavailable for large-scale distribution due to prevailing market logic.

Finally, we can break these barriers and offer without restrictions the best food products that represent Made in Italy certified excellence in the world.