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Why choose water on Maveat?

Simple, we decided to make your life easier by getting the best Italian water directly to your home. The secret of Acqua Fiuggi lies in its composition. The basin is located at the foot of the Ernici Mountains, in the Fiuggi basin, which in prehistoric times was a lake. With lacustrine sedimentation and volcanic phenomena, the soil was enriched with a layer of silt, clay, tuffs and ash. Today, water filtering through the volcanic blanket is enriched with beneficial substances that purify the body and promote well-being.

Fiuggi – Wellness water, unique and inimitable

Fiuggi oligomineral mineral water is available in different formats in natural and lightly sparkling variants to meet the needs and tastes of all consumers. The water brand has been recognized as a made-in-Italy excellence through continuous use for more than half a century. With this international recognition that gives historical value to the brand, FIUGGI enters the history of tricolor manufacturing among the excellences of Made in Italy.

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