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Frantoio Muraglia

Frantoio Muraglia: Crafting Premium Coratina Olive Oil from Andria, Apulia

Frantoio Muraglia is your destination for exceptional coratina olive oil, meticulously produced in Andria, the renowned olive oil hub of Apulia. Across five generations, our family legacy has flourished, starting from a single coratina olive tree and expanding to reach tables in 54 countries worldwide.

Hand-harvested and cold-pressed in our traditional stone mill, each coratina olive undergoes careful processing to retain its aromatic richness. Our dedication to immediate milling, inspired by our founder, Grandpa Savino, ensures the preservation of the olives’ unique flavor profile.

At Frantoio Muraglia, we prioritize innovation and quality. Our premium olive oil, cherished by esteemed establishments globally, reflects our commitment to excellence. Beyond oil production, we uphold tradition and champion quality, inviting you to experience the timeless appeal of Apulian olive oil.

Explore the essence of Apulia with Frantoio Muraglia, where tradition meets perfection in every bottle. Discover our premium coratina olive oil today.”

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