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One of the best Italian gluten-free pastas for celiacs thanks to Fabbrica Della Pasta Di Gragnano, first in the world to produce the first Gluten Free Gragnano pasta. Gluten-free casarecce pasta but with more flavor, perfect for your recipes! Trust the best, Fabbrica Della Pasta Di Gragnano products are born from respect for the traditional method of processing in the historic family mill and the meticulous search for the best ingredients, processed within a short and sustainable supply chain. Don’t let them explain why it’s the best pasta in the world, try it for yourself.


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Caserecce is a type of pasta inspired by Fusilli. A stick on which the pasta was rolled to give it the shape of a long fusillo. This type of Italian pasta is a type of short pasta. It is characterized by a section rounded in on itself that allows sauces to collect optimally, despite being a smooth type of pasta. Caserecce gluten free is a variation of the classic durum wheat semolina pasta, but it actually uses two different types of flour: corn flour and rice flour.


“Gluten free comes to your home”

The World’s First Pastificio IGP certified (Protected Geographical Identification). La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano, a historic pasta factory in Gragnano, after a good 3 years of study and research in the field, has created: the first and only “Gluten Free” Gragnano Artisan Pasta. Made in respect of the high know-how of Gragnano Pasta. The “Gluten Free” is the latest of the news signed “La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano” that allows FINALLY to be able to enjoy to everyone. Now also for celiacs, a great quality artisanal pasta!

500 years of pasta-making tradition meeting the most modern technologies. Small, big, magical secrets that are handed down from generation to generation joining knowhow and inventiveness of a very special artisanal production!

It is with these characteristics that La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano is recognized and appreciated on the market as a brand of the highest level both for product quality. For diversification and breadth of proposals, and for the unconventional marketing policies constantly implemented. Last but not least, the many European patents registered to date, where “‘a Caccavella” stands out above all: the largest single-portion Pasta format in the World. Soon available also gluten-free!

Quality and Italian ingredients

We use only the best Italian semolina from first extraction (only the heart of the grain of wheat). Combined with water from a centuries-old, clear source in Gragnano, rigorously bronze-drawn. The extraordinary processing is completed by a long and delicate drying process at low temperature. making sure to preserve the characteristics of flavor, color, roughness of the drawn Pasta.

The Gragnano Pasta Factory is the 1st Pasta Factory in the World to have obtained the Certification “Pasta di Gragnano P.G.I.” (Certiquality Certificate No. 1/2012). The company is now certified according to the strict BRC and IFS food standards and also holds BIO Agricert certification. They are also the first pasta factory in Gragnano to produce an artisanal Gluten Free Pasta strictly bronze drawn!

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La Fabbrica Della Pasta – Casarecce Long Hand Made