Fusilli Gluten Free Pasta – 100% italian corn meal – 8.8 oz


The best gluten-free pasta for celiacs thanks to Molino di Ferro, which since the 1990s has revolutionized pasta consumption in the face of a difficult-to-manage intolerance. Gluten-free Fusilli but with more flavor perfect for your baking recipes! Trust the best, Molino di Ferro products are born from respect for the traditional method of processing in the family’s historic mill and the painstaking search for the best ingredients, processed within a short and sustainable supply chain.


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Are you wondering “where can I find gluten-free pasta near me“? We have the product for you and we bring it directly to your door! Created especially for those with gluten intolerance, Molino di Ferro’s gluten-free Fusilli are perfect for those who want to enjoy the authentic Italian pasta without neglecting their health. Savor the unique and unmistakable taste of Italian corn by enjoying it with one of our gluten-free sauces.


How to cook this gluten free Fusilli ?

Place a pot with water inside on the stove and bring to a boil. Only once the water boils add the salt and throw in the pasta. Every 2 minutes or so stir the contents of the pot so that the pasta does not stick . After waiting the cooking minutes indicated on the package you will have perfectly cooked pasta, then drain and season it as you like.


From the production of the delicious corn flour, the first corn and consequently gluten-free pasta by Molino di Ferro was born in the late 1990s. The product revolutionized the consumption of pasta when the condition related to celiac disease was not yet widespread and the disease was little known. Since 2010 our range of goodness has been populated with new products: cookies, breadsticks, gnocchi, tortellini and many other delicacies.

The common thread of everything: good and genuine raw materials and the unique taste linked to a deep Venetian tradition. Thanks to the genuine and traditional goodness of the products and the certainty of absence of contamination, Molino di Ferro has won the trust of millions of consumers and large-scale retail chains, in Italy and abroad, becoming a real point of reference. The result of a short, controlled supply chain in the Veneto countryside, Molino di Ferro pasta is distinguished by its excellent hold during cooking and its ability to retain sauces. Available in a wide variety of shapes to meet every preparation need.


Ingredients: Corn flour, Emulsifier: E 471.

Nutritional values (100 g / 3.5 oz) :

Energy 1505 kJ / 355 kcal

Fats 0.95 g / 0.03 oz

Carbohydrates 79 g / 2.78 oz

Protein 6.45 g / 0.23 oz

Salt 0 g / 0 oz



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Fusilli Gluten Free Pasta – 100% italian corn meal – 8.8 oz