Elbow Macaroni pasta – Italian short pasta – 17.6 oz


Gramigna is a short, curled pasta typical of the Emilian tradition, widespread in the provinces of Bologna and Modena where it can be found on the menus of the best trattorias and restaurants. Its origins are uncertain, however the name seems to derive from that of the local plant “gramigna,” as the shape of the pasta resembles that of its seeds.

This noodles factory, Granoro, guarantees the Italian style your dishes are looking for, from authentic Carbonara to baked dishes.


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Granoro - Italian Pasta Made In Puglia

| Ingredients: durum wheat semolina. May contain traces of egg, soybean and mustard. |

Gramigna Granoro’s fragrant and flavorful are made with carefully selected durum wheat semolina and a careful production process that respects the quality and characteristics of the raw material. The pasta originates from the Italian region “Campania,” like many other types of pasta, and is a medium-sized tubular pasta similar to normal ziti, but shorter and narrower. The curled shape and ridging of this rare and versatile cut of pasta make it ideal for pairing with traditional and simple sauces such as a fresh tomato sauce. This pasta is also great for baked dishes. It is often used in casseroles.


How do you cook Gramigna pasta?

6 minutes

How to cook Gramigna pasta?
Place a pot with water inside on the stove and bring to a boil. Only once the water boils add the salt and throw in the pasta. Every 2 minutes or so stir the contents of the pot so that the pasta does not stick . After 6 minutes of cooking you will have perfect al dente pasta, so drain the pasta and season as you like.


Gramigna recipes:

Baked gramigna

With meat sauces or simply sauces



In the production process of Granoro pasta, the choice of drawing is decisive in giving the different shapes the right porosity and adequate thickness. In fact, all formats are designed to have uniform cooking and a short cooking time. Granoro pasta is tough, elastic and full-bodied even after many hours after cooking also has the typical golden yellow color of sun-gilded durum wheat and is porous for excellent yield and maximum digestibility. It leaves no starch in the cooking water, which remains clear and residue-free also has a high protein content and the unmistakable aroma of the best durum wheat.

That’s why, if it’s Granoro, you recognize it.

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Elbow Macaroni pasta – Italian short pasta – 17.6 oz