Homemade Trofie PGI – 100% italian pasta – 17.6 oz


These fine Trofie IGP from Liguria have been adapted to the production of Gragnano pasta, subsequently taking on its unique characteristics. With exclusively Italian ingredients and following a rigorous process that guarantees their unique and inimitable quality, they will bring a pinch of Italy to the table. The best dry pasta, its twisted spiral shape perfectly picks up Genoese pesto.


17.6 oz package

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“A Premium Pasta capable of thrilling!”

Gragnano, the cradle of fine pasta, is a small town perched on a hill in sunny Campania. Where bronze-drawn shapes dry naturally and slowly in the Mediterranean breeze. Pasta di GragnanoIGP, with its characteristic rough texture, strong flavor and al dente texture. Is definitely a reason to believe in the magic of flour and water.

In fact, every single step of our processing is taken care of step by step, with passion and dedication, in indeed every detail is the best Italian dry pasta. Where the traditions and secrets of the past, meet the best and most modern technologies, guaranteeing constant and scrupulous processing according to the highest quality standards the result of the experience of 4 generations of family history.

Quality and Italian ingredients

We use only the best Italian semolina of first extraction (only the heart of the grain of wheat), combined with water from a centuries-old, limpid source in Gragnano, drawing strictly from bronze. The extraordinary processing is completed by a long and delicate drying process at low temperature, which keeps intact the characteristics of flavor, color, roughness of the drawn Pasta.

The Gragnano Pasta Factory is the 1st Pasta Factory in the World to have obtained the Certification “Pasta di Gragnano P.G.I.” (Certiquality Certificate No. 1/2012). The company is now certified according to the strict BRC and IFS food standards and also holds BIO Agricert certification.


How do you cook Trofie of Gragnano?

9 minutes

How to cook Trofie PGI?

Place a pot with water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Only when the water boils, add the salt and throw in the pasta. Every 2 minutes or so stir the contents of the pot otherwise the pasta will stick to the bottom of the pot. After 9 minutes of cooking you will have perfectly al dente pasta, finally drain and season to taste.



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Homemade Trofie PGI – 100% italian pasta – 17.6 oz