Casarecce Italian Gluten Free Pasta – 14.1 oz


What is caserecce pasta? It is a short pasta, and although it is a smooth pasta, it can pick up sauce easily because of its shape. Gluten-free pasta with quinoa flour. Specifically formulated for people who are intolerant to gluten. This type of pasta is most commonly used with baked ragu, but it is very versatile and easily adapts to all your dishes.

This noodles factory, Granoro, guarantees the Italian style your dishes are looking for, from authentic Carbonara to baked dishes.


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Granoro - Italian Pasta Made In Puglia

Caserecce is a type of pasta inspired by “busati,” an ancient Arab pasta made with “bus”: a stick on which the dough was rolled in such a way as to give it the shape of a long fusillo.  This type of Italian pasta is a short type of pasta, having a section that allows the sauces to gather optimally while being a smooth type of pasta. Caserecce gluten free is a variation of the classic pasta made using durum wheat semolina. In fact it uses 3 different types of flours: corn flour, rice flour and quinoa flour.


Caserecce recipe

Casarecce with italian sausage

One-pot casarecce recipe with tomatoes

Casarecce with pumpkin and orange pesto


How to cook Casarecce pasta?
Place pot full of water on the stove and bring to a boil. Add salt only when the water has reached a boiling state, afterwards throw the pasta inside the pot and wait 7 minutes. About every 2 minutes stir the pasta to prevent it from sticking.

What is casarecce made from ?
Casarecce pasta consists of only two elements : durum wheat semolina and water.

What is casarecce gluten free made from ?
Casarecce gluten free is composed of 4 elements : corn flour, rice flour, quinoa flour and water



In the production process of Granoro pasta, the choice of drawing is decisive in giving the different shapes the right porosity and adequate thickness. In fact, all formats are designed to have uniform cooking and a short cooking time. Granoro pasta is tough, elastic and full-bodied even after many hours after cooking also has the typical golden yellow color of sun-gilded durum wheat and is porous for excellent yield and maximum digestibility. It leaves no starch in the cooking water, which remains clear and residue-free also has a high protein content. Unmistakable aroma of the best durum wheat.

That’s why, if it’s Granoro, you recognize it.

Ingredients : corn flour, rice flour, quinoa flour (3%)

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Casarecce Italian Gluten Free Pasta – 14.1 oz