Cat fruit jam
Cat fruit jam


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Herb and Spices

Why choose Maveat’s selected spices?

Here you will find a very wide range of spices of the highest quality, because bringing them to the tables of Italian cuisine lovers around the world is what Maveat strives to do every day. Starting with peproncini, rosemary and sage are just one example of the vast and qualitative selection maveat offers to spice lovers. Steamed and immediately allowed to rest inside the jar to best preserve all the properties and flavor that these delicious legumes possess. We have selected Filippone Gandolfo products especially because the process is carried out according to traditional methods: from transplanting to weed clearing, from harvesting to packaging.

online italian products

In our online Italian food store, we have selected and imported for you only the best of traditional Italian food. You can find all the spices you need for your recipes or enjoy your dishes with Italy’s best herbs and perhaps with the addition of a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt. Discover them all!

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