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With the holiday season coming up, you’re probably thinking a unique gift for your family and friends would do just fine. If so, you should consider giving them a truffle pizza kit, focaccia pesto kit, and porcini & truffle ravioli kit – all made in Italy!

Each of these kits comes with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious pizza, pesto, and ravioli dish, respectively. Plus, they’re all made with high-quality ingredients that will make everyone’s taste buds happy.

The company’s gift sets are one of its strongest features. They include carefully designed objects that pair perfectly with products from the Borgo de ‘Medici collection, along with never-before-seen pairing advice.

Recently, they’ve also started producing a series of kits for preparing special dishes at home, following traditional recipes and using only the highest quality ingredients. This allows everyone to explore their inner chef, something that many of us have discovered during the pandemic.

A family-run business, Borgo de ‘Medici strives to produce Made-in-Italy specialty foods in Tuscany.

Truffle Pizza Kit

Do you love pizza but don’t have the time or money to make it yourself? Then you need to check out the Truffle Pizza kit! This kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious pizza that will leave your taste buds tantalized.

This gift set is perfect for any pizza lover in your life. It contains everything you need to make your own delicious truffle pizza at home, and it’s all made in Italy. The set includes wheat flour, truffle-flavored oil, black truffle sauce, and a pizza cutter tool. Plus, there’s a recipe included so you can make the perfect pizza every time.

The Truffle Pizza kit comes with all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious pizza. This kit includes everything you need to make a pizza including Aizza, dough, sauce, and cheese. The Aizza is the key to this recipe, and it is a type of crust made from flour, water, and olive oil. This dough is then allowed to rise before it is baked in a pizza oven.

The sauce in this pizza is a simple tomato sauce. However, the cheese is what makes this pizza special. The cheese in this pizza is melted and bubbly, and it is a delicious addition to the pizza. Overall, the Truffle Pizza kit is a delicious and easy way to make a pizza that you will love.

Innovation starts in your kitchen when you start making a pizza with this kit. You’ll find this is exactly what you set out to make in the first place. With these curated kits, you can make delicious pizza at home with ease. The kits come with everything you need, from Italian flour and bright tomato sauces to flavorful toppings like truffle cream or made-in-Italy pesto alla genovese.

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Focaccia Pesto Kit

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy appetizer or snack? Focaccia Pesto is the perfect item for you! This pesto is made with fresh basil and oregano, and a delicious mix of olive oil, nuts, and garlic. Focaccia Pesto is great on its own or as an ingredient in your next pasta dish. Fancy a dip for your chips and veggies. Try Focaccia Pesto.

The Borgo de Medici’s Pesto Focaccia Kit provides everything you need for a delicious and authentic Italian focaccia – premium flour for the dough, basil-flavored oil, classic pesto sauce, and even a cutting tool to use on your freshly-baked focaccia! Pesto sauce is a light green and intensely flavorful condiment, made with fresh basil and loved for its aroma and citrusy taste.

Rich in history, this Italian specialty is believed to originate in Genoa, Liguria. Borgo de Medici’s focaccia flour kit allows you to make a delicious and refreshing pesto right in your focaccia!

Founded in 1999, Borgo de Medici is one of Italy’s leading brands in traditional specialty foods. This family-run business has quickly won the hearts of discerning foodies and has become a household name for Italians around the world.

This gift set contains everything you need to make your own homemade pesto focaccia, based on one of the most beloved dishes in Italy and also in the world. Think of a quality gift from Italy, and you have this exclusively made original gift from the house of Borgo De’ Medici. Follow the recipe in your kit to create your focaccia accompanied by fresh basil oil and refreshing sauces!

At Borgo de Medici, you can rest assured that you’re getting the finest Italian products from premium ingredients, from traditional cookies to exquisite truffle condiments, pasta, and many other unique delights. You can discover authentic Tuscan flavors in their online Italian food store!

Borgo de Medici’s Pesto Focaccia Kit is the perfect way to show your friends how much you care – it’s a delicious gift idea for those with refined palates! Whip up classic basil pesto into a perfectly chewy focaccia, or use it to embellish your crostini with basil oil, and enjoy!

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Porcini & Truffle Ravioli Kit

Welcome to our Porcini & Truffle Ravioli kit! This ravioli is a delicious way to enjoy the flavors of porcini and truffle. The Porcini ravioli is made with premium ingredients and are sure to please.

This gift set contains everything you need to make a delicious and traditional Italian dish – truffle ravioli. It’s a great, original, and quality gift, thanks to Borgo De’ Medici, who make their products exclusively in Italy. Your ravioli will be accompanied by fine truffle oil and excellent Porcini mushrooms.

Give the gift of homemade ravioli with our easy-to-follow kit that includes gourmet ingredients and delicious recipes. By following Lisa’s simple steps which is included in the kit, you can make your own ravioli at home and delight friends and family with your own Italian pasta kit. Their gourmet ravioli has a light and delicate texture with a creamy and flavorful mushroom and truffle filling – sure to surprise and delight any pasta lover in your life.

Kit Contents:

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