Organic Sicilian Sprig Rosemary – 0.88 oz

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Our organic Sicilian rosemary sprigs. We talk about a special herb with a thousand purposes, including therapeutic, but today we are here to bring to yours one of the most loved herbs in the world to season your dishes with the best herbs. Grown and processed in Sicilian lands rich in tradition, we are sure of our best herbs because of the procedures used. The high mountain climate, the purity of the air, and the quality of the soil and water make this area the ideal place to grow products that are symbolic of Sicilian agricultural excellence, such as oregano, herbaceous sage, bay leaves, rosemary, and chili peppers.


0.88 oz package

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Rosemary is among the most widely used cooking herbs, especially in the Mediterranean diet, partly because it aids fat digestion. This aromatic plant also improves food preservation because it acts as a true natural antioxidant. At the time of use, the fresh leaves are chopped, while the dried ones are shredded before use, thus restoring their aroma. Indispensable on meats, fish and in the preparation of sauces. Rosemary is the most commonly used spice in grills and marinades. It is used with lamb, beef, rabbit, duck and goose. The flower is used to flavor salads. The leaves, fresh or dried, are added to many dishes such as roasts, gravies, potato dishes and rustic pies.

Even excellent on bread and flatbreads. Sprigs of rosemary are also used along with garlic to flavor olive oil and vinegar with excellent results.


“Agriculture of Excellence in Sicily – Filippone Gandolfo”

The Gandolfo Filippone farm stands at an altitude of 1,000 meters in the unspoiled environment of the Madonie Park, in the heart of Sicily. Passed down from father to son, the passion for agriculture has led to the creation of an innovative company. A company that places at the center of its production the rediscovery of the best aromatic plants most characteristic of the Mediterranean such as laurel, wide sage leaf, rosemary, thyme, fennel, lavender and, in particular, oregano.



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Organic Sicilian Sprig Rosemary – 0.88 oz

Original price was: $6.49.Current price is: $5.99.