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Gluten-Free Pasta

Why choose Gluten Free from maveat.us?

On our website we have selected and made available to you, the best gluten free foods made in Italy, respecting your health. Starting with Granoro, to the world’s first gluten-free pasta produced in Gragnano thanks to the Gragnano Pasta Factory and continuing with Molino Di Ferro’s corn pasta, premium quality since the 1990s.

What are some gluten-free foods?

For those who are gluten intolerant, their special diet must be based on gluten-free foods that do not contain wheat, barley or rye. For example, bread, is completely out of the question from a diet for celiacs. fortunately, nowadays, there are many substitutes that can take the place of those grains, such as rice or corn. Here at maveat.us you can find both corn and quinoa flour pasta and much more!

but what is gluten?

Gluten is the protein fraction of some cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oats, kamut, spelt, triticale or their hybridized strains or derivatives). Prolamin is one of the constituent parts of gluten and is responsible for the toxic effect in celiac disease. The absolute lowest gluten pasta is the one made with corn flour, you can find them in different shapes such as Anellini, Penne, ElBow, macaroni and many others.

Italian products online

In our online store of Italian food products, we have selected and imported for you only the best of traditional Italian food. You can find the best kits for your gifts, dinner or lunch or just for your perfect Italian aperitivo

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