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Long pasta

Why choose Maveat’s pasta?

Italian long pasta has always been the symbol par excellence of Italian culinary tradition in the world. Thanks to our experience, we have selected and chosen for you the best Italian long pasta made with the imitable Italian wheat, grown and processed in Italy according to natural procedures and without the addition of preservatives or additives, totally healthy for your recipes. We have over 25 years of experience in the food industry, we import food directly from the producers to your tables guaranteeing quality, professionalism and reliability.

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Here you can find the best of Italian long pasta. From popular formats such as spaghetti, to lesser-known ones like the elongated fusilli similar to bucatini. There are so many shapes, styles and sizes. With this Italian pasta you can create your perfect pasta recipes. Each format has its own history and the perfect use to best express its characteristics. Discover them!

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