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Why choose Maveat’s italian snack?

Every culture has different dessert traditions especially in Italy. Italian dessert recipes often combine sweet and savory elements, such as the ever-present cannoli, whose shell is usually filled with a ricotta based cream. Our catalog of Italian desserts contains everything from Sicilian Pennini cannoli to Italian cakes and even typical nougat. Do you have little time to bake a delicious cake? Don’t feel like going to a restaurant? Savor the taste of one of Italy’s most famous desserts with Balconi Tiramisu Cake, perfect as a snack at home or on the go.

What do italian eat for snacks?

An Italian’s snack cannot be without a great dessert created with genuine Italian ingredients. What could be better than enjoying a candy after coffee? Especially if the candy is created by dessert specialists like Sperlari, inventors of mostarda and masters of Italian nougat.

Years of experience to guarantee an Italian product of the highest quality.

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