Tomato Passata Purée – 100% italian tomatoes 24.7 oz

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Our Tomato puree is made exclusively from fresh 100% Italian tomatoes retains that intense, sweet flavor that is so beloved in traditional Italian cuisine. No preservatives or additives have been added, despite this it manages to retain the flavor as if just made. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t need many minutes of cooking!

Orto D’Autore reminds you that to guarantee excellent quality, we produce only in summer!



24.7 oz package

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| Ingredients: tomatoes, sea salt. |

Artisan Goodness Made in Italy

Tomato Passata Purée is exclusively made from 100% Italian tomatoes. Trust our healthy and extremely controlled supply chain, it will make your every dish delicious and irresistible. You can create a great ragout or a quick pasta with tomato and basil.

Homemade ready pasta sauces without flavorings, with datterino tomatoes and with only extra virgin olive oil. With 100% Italian ingredients.


What is Passata pasta sauce?

Tomato Purée usually sold in glass bottles and is smooth and thick with no crushed tomato residue or anything else. It has no added preservatives or additives; is exclusively handcrafted Italian tomato sauce.

What you can do with Tomato purée:

Italian Lasagna

Pasta with Basil and Tomatoes

Baking recipes



“For goodness, Nature is enough,” we will never tire of saying. We make the highest quality products by taking care of our raw materials and, most importantly, our consumers. Our Mission is to ensure goodness and, more than anything else, to ensure wholesome products. This is precisely why we do not use flavorings and/or preservatives for our products. There are no secrets or industrial techniques, we adopt simple processes using only the top fruits and vegetables donated to us from the fields.

where we are

Between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, in the pristine lands of Molise, the Orto d’Autore supply chain was born. Straight from our fields, cultivated for generations, to your table.
Orto d’Autore uses no raw materials of animal origin. Our Ok Vegan certification is the most important European quality mark for vegan products plus the company operates through the use of clean energy. With our photovoltaic system we fully espouse the important issue of environmental sustainability.


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Tomato Passata Purée – 100% italian tomatoes 24.7 oz

Original price was: $7.49.Current price is: $5.99.