Welcome to Maveat, a New Italian Shop Online Now Serving the USA!

With 25 years of experience in the culinary world, we are excited to announce that Maveat is coming to the USA. Our delicious Italian food items are crafted in Italy, offering an authentic taste right to your door. Each item is handpicked by us, ensuring you always receive the best Italian food from Italy. We’ve got you covered, from pasta to cooking kits that enable you to make homemade famous Italian dishes, tomato sauce, and more. We’re offering new e-commerce with Italian quality food shop ready to provide you with a real Italian taste!

Continue reading to learn more about us and our new e-commerce offerings!

Why is Maveat a top choice for Italian Food Items?

We’re an all-female import-export company that was established in 1998. We manage two international offices (Warsaw and Shanghai) from our headquarters in Italy. Our Maveat team stands behind us continuously, offering our customers reliable, high-quality products sourced through our expertise.

We’ve continuously grown our database of Italian vendors for our Italian food list after carefully curating relationships with Italian producers and companies outside of Italy who need top-quality Italian food. These cultivated relationships, occurring over 22 years, have allowed us to work with some of the best producers of Italian foods, which we can then pass on to our customers.  

Each supplier in our approved list must adhere to a strict list of standards, ensuring we’re offering the best quality at all times. These standards include laboratory testing, environmental respect, material quality, and origin certification. By carefully vetting each supplier, we can ensure our standards of reliability, expertise, and high quality are maintained and passed on to anyone who purchases from our new e-commerce with Italian quality food shop.

Maveat’s Origins in the Food Valley

Our main headquarters is situated in Piacenza, in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. Piacenza is often noted as offering the best cuisine in Italy, producing products such as Grana Padano, Coppa, salami, and pancetta piacentina.

Offering an array of Italian cuisine, from Michelin-star restaurants to delightful street food, Piacenza is a true foodie location. Even the region, Emilia Romagna, has incredible food offerings. It is famous for its production of Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto di Parma, and local ingredients, such as Modena balsamic vinegar, Bologna mortadella, and piadina romagnola.

We believe that consuming good Italian food is more than a simple desire. It’s a way to enjoy healthy living with good food. It allows us to interact creatively with others while indulging in Italian culture. Emilia Romagna specializes in PDO and PGI products, making it the culinary heart of Italy. Our Emilia Romagna headquarters found the ideal home among the many quality Italian food offerings and specialties, locally and regionally.

What’s our Export Process?

We differentiate ourselves from competitors by simplifying the process of importing and exporting. Unlike other key players in the agribusiness world, which is filled with smaller local companies and larger international businesses, we provide a single point of contact.

This way, you can avoid the typical fragmented environment that typically defines the export process. Our single contact thoroughly understands the import process from beginning to end, including packaging and labeling. Because we know the ins and outs of documentation and certification for exports and imports, the process runs smoothly from sourcing to delivering quality Italian food items.

How We Define “Made in Italy”

We’ve adopted the term “Made in Italy” and turned it into a key phrase for our business. For us, this expression indicates a high-quality Italian-made food item made with excellence. We keep this idea alive by carefully vetting suppliers that adhere to our pre-determined list of standards.

For us to embody this expression, we only offer products from suppliers that meet our high standards. These products are selected by our team based on quality and Italian excellence. Beyond our standards, we also ensure that these chosen products are backed by international recognition. This set of recognitions includes D.O.C.C., D.O.C., and I.G.P., which stem from properly noting the origin of each Italian dish and product.

These recognitions serve another purpose beyond ensuring Italian origin; they also certify that the product is authentic. We can guard against counterfeit products by including this certification to continue serving the best Italian food items.

Our Goal – Providing Authentic Italian Food Items

We aim to export Italian cuisine and products that provide an authentic experience. These items help perpetuate Italian culture, tradition, and history. They’re a way for us to share an authentic Italian culinary experience through food items that taste incredible and keep us tied to our roots.

We avoid the many PDO and PGI imitations of lesser quality by sourcing products carefully and through a vetting process. Often, these counterfeit products do a good job of mimicking authentic items. So, the consumer (and even importers) cannot tell the difference between the two.

For example, while considered authentic, grated parmesan cheese found in the USA does not typically originate in Italy. Even though marketing may point to an authentic parmesan, it’s typically not a real Parmigiano Reggiano with a PDO certificate.

When considering products for e-commerce, we ensure that we can offer the whole story of the item. Instead of simply noting a product’s authenticity and origins, we want to share Italian culture with consumers. During our last trade fair in Japan (“Foodex”), we curated an immersive virtual tour for Grana Padano Piacentino. This tour showed every aspect of the production chain of Grana Padano cheese, from sourcing local milk to providing an authentic Italian product. Involving customers in our processes allows us to provide the background on products, helping create a culinary experience.

New E-Commerce Offerings

Our long-lasting partnerships result from considering customers’ needs throughout the process. We aim to provide our end consumers with authentic Italian flavors in their homes through direct MAVEAT purchases. We can accomplish this via our new e-commerce with Italian quality food shop.

Our Quality and Reliability Standards

We help connect our customers outside of Italy with small local producers for authentic Italian cuisine. By curating this connection, we can provide foreign customers with guidance on imported Italian products. Our expertise, created through 20+ years of experience with the international market, allows us to provide a top-tier consumer purchasing environment. This environment includes reliable service with an impeccable quality standard and customized solutions for every need.

We’ve reaped the benefits of maintaining this standard through accruing and maintaining long-standing business relationships. By thoroughly vetting our suppliers and manufacturers, from sourcing to production, we can continue to grow and operate specialized technical skills. We obtained the “IFS and BRC Broker” quality standards four years prior, which we have maintained and renewed each following year.


New E-Commerce with Italian-Quality Food Options

At Maveat, we provide options ranging from Italian pantry staples to gift sets and sweet and savory snacks. Our extensive list of items ensures consumers can consistently find authentic items to keep stocked in the kitchen. Our products are more niche than larger importers offer, ensuring you have a larger pool of authentic food items to select from.

While these local food brands may be smaller, they are still vetted according to our established quality standards so you can enjoy top-tier craftsmanship that bigger suppliers cannot offer.

Through providing quality, Italian-made products, you can enjoy the taste of Italy in the comfort of your home. We know our expertise from years of experience and highly developed supplier relationships have provided an ideal curation of Italian food items for every need. We hope you join us on this exciting journey of our new e-commerce with Italian-quality food online shop!

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